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We developed the most complete and structured database for Italian SIM. This unique wealth of information captures the main balance sheet ratios for the Italian SIM sector combining each company financial statements for the period 2010-2014.

At the end of each fiscal year, the database is automatically updated with the financial statements of the following year.

We have created a business intelligence service for the benchmarking of financial and economic performance accessible through SimView.it, a web platform. SimView.it operates a subscription-based service for institutional investors.

Customers can single out specific company performance and obtain relative value positioning to its peers.
Updated October 22, 2015

Italian Investment Firms (SIMs)

From December 2009 to December 2014 the number of SIMs has reduced from 110 to 83 companies (18 open, 45 closed).
Over the year 2015 the number of SIMs decrease further from 83 to 77 (1 open, 7 closed).
More than 70% of SIM are continuing losses or close to break-even level.

  no. SIM %
Profit in excess of EUR 10,0M. 4 5,2%
Profitable [eur 0,5M. - 10,0M.] 16 20,8%
Close to break-even [eur 0 - 0,5M.] 26 33,8%
Continuing losses 28 36,4%
Extra cluster 2 2,6%
Registered with Consob (after January 1st, 2015) 1 1,3%
total 77 100,0%

The SIMs market - update October 22, 2015 - is composed of 77 companies with the following profit and loss average on the last 5 years (2010–2014).

Update Oct. 22, 2015

Profit / loss distribution universe of active SIM

[Average amount years 2010 – 2014]

For any further information and more details click here SimView.it

Our Team



Alessandro is an Information Technology expert since 1996.

In the last ten years he worked as IT Consultant for Italian investment firms, and from 2012 began a collaboration with Demartini & Partners, SimView.it division...

Begins his career in a company part of IBM group where he covered different roles with a specialization in the establishment of IT networks and infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises..


SARA DI CARLO | Chief Compliance Officer

She works as a legal consultant on compliance issues with banks, financial intermediaries, investment companies, asset management companies and others involved with financial markets,  also in cooperation with Compliance and Internal Auditing, thus developing specific skills in transparency,...

privacy and anti-money laundering regulation; she has also held training courses on these matters. She has acquired specific expertise in legal consulting and assistance, concerning both banking and financial matters by working at CDM & Partners Law firm and at Regulatory Consulting. Admitted to the Italian Bar, she is registered as a lawyer with the Law Society in Rome. She took a Master’s Degree in “Intermediaries, Issuers and Financial Markets - Regulation, organization, corporate governance and controls (“IEMF”) at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Faculty of Economics.



Since 2011 he has worked on a research project to gather statistical and income statement data for the Italian SIM sector. To meet institutional demand he created the web platform SimView.it and in 2012 he founded the Company Demartini & Partners to market the results of the research project.

In 2003 He founded Independent Private Bankers (IPB) SIM that was licensed by Consob the following year. Appointed CEO to manage the company development he was able to achieve after only 3 years an annual revenues and AUM. Respectively of €.1.8M. and €. 0,2 billion. He sold his stake in IPB SIM in December 2008. He began his career as a financial advisor in Banca Fideuram in 1981. In 1987 he left the post of Regional Manager, to join, as a Senior Marketing Manager, Sanpaolo Invest Bank. In 1993 he became the
Head of Central Italy Business Unit a structure composed of 170 financial advisors with an overall AUM approximately EUR 1.2 billion and an annual revenues of approximately EUR 19.1 million. Member of Lazio Regional Commission Register of Financial Salesman from March 1998 to June 2000. Member of Consob Register of Financial Salesman since 1992.

ALESSIO FONTANI | Senior Partner

Alessio is a Ph.D in Monetary Economics, with a very pronounced knowledge of money, banking and financial markets theories and practices. Visiting professor at LUISS Guido Carli University – Rome since 1992, he’s Senior Research Fellow at LUISS’ CASMEF (Arcelli’s Centre for Monetary and Financial Research), and Scientific Committeee...
member at Tor Vergata University of Rome’s CREG (Law and Economics Research Centre). Alessio has been head of Global Financial Markets Research Department of CR Firenze Bank Holding from January 1994 to December 2011. In such position, he has matured over a 20 years’ experience as Global Investment Strategist, Risk Manager, Quantitative Techniques and Investment Scenario expert. In his role he was Board of Directors member for CRF Gestione Internationale SA - Luxembourg, Risk Manager for Soprarno SGR – Italy, Advisory Board member for Banque Financiere Cardif/Centrovita Assicurazioni –BNP Paribas. He also has a significant expertise in both structured finance and derivatives, syndicated loans and securitization processes, matured during five years of work in a specialized SICAV’s in Luxembourg.

MELANIA GALEA | Senior Analyst

She joins the research project developed by Simview.it since its beginnings, on November 2012 She has a solid knowledge in financial market and deep accounting skills. During the years 2010-2012 she worked for Independent Private Bankers Sim, as controller and reporter of investments’s client.
Graduated in Economics at University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2009.


Professional Accountant since 1993, Certified Auditor since 1995, is a contributor of KSI ITALY.


MARCO QUARANTA | Senior Advisor

Marco is an expert financial professional who joined Demartini & Partners to help attracting international investors. He worked in investment banking for the last 20 years and has a strong track record in structuring investment solutions and private equity deals in the Italian market.
He brings a solid credit, regulatory and risk management knowledge and is able to lead complex projects often involving a material funding and accounting impact.


Ludovica earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management in 2013 and she now attends a Master of Science in the same study area at Tor Vergata University of Rome. During her studies she has developed a good knowledge in Financial Analysis, Audit and Accounting.

She is interested in valuation multiples and in the benchmarking of the main balance sheet ratios of companies.

PAOLO RUBINI | Senior Partner

He hold senior management positions and directors roles in both banks and insurance companies and in the Italian sector agency for market regulation (Cattolica Assicurazioni Group, Sanpaolo Invest Bank, ISVAP).

Following a three years Government appointment as Enit Spa, he works now as non-executive director and external advisor for Italian financial institution (Fondazione di Venezia).


PAOLO SBORDONI | Senior Partner

Chartered accountant since 1986, Certified Auditor since 1995, is a Member of Kingston Sorel International (KSI) a global international Network. Personal skills: International Tax planning, Merger and acquisition, Company valuation, International Trusts. He has a solid experience in cross border M&A transactions.

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